Starting in Winterhaven, we bought a good quality leather bound book. We began filling it with signed certificates describing our achievements. It’s nice to look back and reminisce, but it’s also very useful as a reference when we need a job!

Killing Iron Tooth

We killed Iron Tooth, leader of the kobolds hassling Winterhaven.
-Signed by Lord Pedraeg

Secured the Keep on the Shadowfell

We killed Kalarel and secured the Keep on the Shadowfell.
-Signed by Lord Pedraeg

Stopped a Zombie Attack

We stopped a zombie attack on Winterhaven and killed Ninarin, a spy and traitor who was in league with Kalarel.
-Signed by Lord Pedraeg

Letter of Marque

We explored a goblin ruins in order to find some books. When we returned, Zook wrote us a letter of recommendation to the Korranberg police.
- Signed by Zook Farthingham

Lyrandar Letter of Recommendation

We helped recover a Lyrandar airship from an attempted hijacking. In return, we asked for special consideration in the future should we require aid or to hitch a ride on an airship.
- Signed by Stogan, ranking officer on the airship

Rescued the Elemental Binder

After a big battle with Vikas, we rescue an Elemental Binder. He is so grateful that he is willing to sign our book, as well as put some protective enchantments on it. Now, it’s immune to fire and water won’t damage it.
- Signed by ???, Elemental Binder


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