Luthar Pyrite

Cleric of Moradin - I will bring light to the darkness



  • HP 36
  • Init +1
  • Speed 5


Ability Score Mod + 1/2 level
STR 13 2
CON 14 3
DEX 10 1
INT 11 1
WIS 18 5
CHA 14 3


  • AC 19
  • FORT 13
  • REF 12
  • WILL 18

Skills (Trained Only)

Skill Total Bonus
Diplomacy 8
Heal 10
Insight 10
Perception 10
Religion 6


  • Ritual Casting
  • Shield Proficiency (Light)
  • Skill Training (Perception)

At Will Powers

  • Lance of Faith – PHB 63 – Will (+6) vs Ref – 1d8+5, 1 ally gets +2 to next attack
  • Sacred Flame – PHB 63 – Will (+6) vs Ref – 1d6+5, 1 ally gets 3 temp hp or a saving throw

Encounter Powers

  • Divine Glow – PHB 63
  • Command – PHB 65

Daily Powers

  • Beacon of Hope – PHB 64

Utility Powers

  • Shield of Faith – PHB 64

Luthar was born the bastard son of a kitchen maid in the Temple of Moradin in (nearby dwarf hold). It was widely known that his father was the High Priest, a very influential man. However, he never recognized Luthar as his son, but did agree to take him as a ward of the church. Luthar lived with his mother in the servant’s quarters, but was raised as an acolyte.

Growing up in the church, Luthar witnessed the greed and avarice of his father and the other members of the church. They preached the good word of Moradin, but hoarded the wealth of the church to themselves. Luthar prayed daily for Moradin to cleanse the wickedness from the church, but his prayers were never answered.

Over the years, his piety, education, and resolve helped Luthar grow to prominence among the young acolytes. He was probably the best educated in the words of Moradin, but always lived in the shadow of his half-brother Torlan. Torlan was the high priest’s trueborn son, and was being groomed to take an influential role in the church. Further, he showed all the same greed and xenophobia of his father. Luthar despised them both, and often got in arguments with Torlan, who was physically stronger and would often end an argument with force.

One day, a young human woman from a nearby town came to the dwarf hold to plead for help. Orcs had raided their town, killed many of their men, and burned their fields. The women and children faced starvation in the winter if they could not buy food and repair the walls. The church leaders refused aid on the grounds that humans were a disease on the land, as bad as the orcs. If they should both wipe each other out, so much the better.

Unable to take it anymore, Luthar stole several thousand gold from the church’s treasury and took it to the townsfolk. He helped them purchase food, weapons, and repair their walls. Everything he did in the name of Moradin, refusing any personal recognition for his work. When he left, he spent the last of his stolen money to commission a small shrine to Moradin, and placed a young boy in charge of it as the acolyte.

Returning to the dwarf hold, he was arrested as a thief and traitor. He would have been hanged, if not for the truly selfless act he had performed. Many of the members of the church simply could not bring themselves to vote for his execution. Instead, he was quietly told to leave the hold and never return.

During his last days in the hold, Luthar became convinced that the church of Moradin there had fallen prey to some sort of evil influence. Their greed and hatred had somehow invited a demonic or otherwise infernal presence. After all, such evil could not be perpetrated by true men of piety. So, upon his departure, he swore to return and purge the evil. He would save those he could, and give a merciful death to those beyond salvation. With that, he turned his back and headed out into the world.


  • Find the truth about the book and key that was stolen from the Temple of Moradin.
  • Destroy some or all of the evil temples in the Street of 100 Temples in Korranberg.

Luthar Pyrite

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