The Silent War

Post Vikas

Return to Morgrave

  • Collect a bunch of artifacts from the buried temple
  • Head back to Morgrave University
  • Drop off our artifacts and findings
  • Heading out into Sharn, we are attacked by members of House ??, who wish to reclaim Marcus and Rogar.
  • We defeat all the attackers, and one surrenders. Rogar and Luthar convince him to repent his sinful ways and leave the thieves guild.
  • Rogar is approached by Thiesen, an old friend from House Tarkenen. He explains that Rogar and Marcus shared a dragonmark when they were conjoined twins. On separation, the mark disappeared.
  • Thiesen explains the dragonmark, and Rogar recognizes it as the same pattern described for his magic mirror, the one where Marcus is trapped.



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