The Silent War

Changes in Korranberg

Results of our Research

The mirror

  • Well known item: The Looking Glass of Jharazhad
  • From the posession of a dragon named Jharazhad
  • Jharazhad is living in The Endworld Mountains
  • Can be possibly used for transportation to other places, and even other planes
  • Could take it to House Orien, who do high-end teleportation stuff, and maybe they know more.

Luthar’s Book and Key

  • Not a famous item
  • Written in Abyssal script, and also partly in the Abyssal language, and most could not be translated
  • It specifically names Moradin and Onatar specifically
  • It names some sort of betrayal and schism between Moradin and Onatar.
  • It may be difficult to find anyone else who can translate more of the book. Perhaps try another learning institution, like Arcanix, the College of the Twelve, or several others.


Zurang Geldar, a famous magewright, was kidnapped and his workshop was burned. He was widely known for his elemental binding. A lot of people think that one or more Houses moved against him.

We head to the docks, and Vikas’s ship is gone! Perhaps he has something to do with Zurang’s disappearance.

Police believe that Zurang’s attacker has fled the country. Zurang was seen being carried out unconscious by a human who had tattoos on his arms. Best guess is that the Steel Song kidnapped him and sailed off.

Terminum tells the police that he used to know Vikas, and that he’s a pretty bad guy. He gives as much info as he can without delving too deep into their past relationship. His hope is that with more people involved in the pursuit, Vikas is more likely to be caught.

Several different leads to follow:

  • Ask other magewrights where they think he might have been taken.
  • Does elemental binding require special materials? Can we track them somehow?

Terminum comes clean to the rest of us that he has a history with Vikas. He and Vikas and some others each have a special tattoo. When they’re all together, it’s possible to learn the location of a specific treasure.


  • Perhaps we make a sketch of Terminum’s tattoo and circulate it into smuggler channels. We get the message out that we’ll trade the tattoo bearer for Zurang.

— Everyone gets 200 xp for role playing and wracking their brains for ideas, which I always love.



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