The Silent War

Post Vikas

Return to Morgrave

  • Collect a bunch of artifacts from the buried temple
  • Head back to Morgrave University
  • Drop off our artifacts and findings
  • Heading out into Sharn, we are attacked by members of House ??, who wish to reclaim Marcus and Rogar.
  • We defeat all the attackers, and one surrenders. Rogar and Luthar convince him to repent his sinful ways and leave the thieves guild.
  • Rogar is approached by Thiesen, an old friend from House Tarkenen. He explains that Rogar and Marcus shared a dragonmark when they were conjoined twins. On separation, the mark disappeared.
  • Thiesen explains the dragonmark, and Rogar recognizes it as the same pattern described for his magic mirror, the one where Marcus is trapped.
On to Sharn
Lyrandar Takeover
  • An announcement comes over the intercom: “We are departing to Shaylis Tyraleth. If you do not wish to go, please disembark.”
  • We run to the bridge, only to discover that the hatch is locked. Several Lyrandar guardsmen, including Stogan are outside, cutting their way in.
  • Luthar and Terminum head to the roof above the bridge. They tie ropes and swing down, smashing into the bridge. Terminum is quite graceful, while Luthar just smashes through like a ton of bricks. Terminum gracefully lands on his feet, while Luthar hits and falls.
  • Reacting faster than everyone else, Terminum sprints to the hatch, unlocks it, and begins spinning it open.
  • We defeat all the villains, rescuing the bridge.
  • One of the dead villains has the mark of storms on his face, but none of the house members recognize him.
  • Luthar gets on the intercom and says, “Disregard the previous announcement. This ship will not be heading to Shaylis Tyraleth. Instead we will be continuing to our previous destination.”
  • Rogar reveals the mirror to Jharazad, asking about his brother.
  • Among other things, Rogar asks where the mirror came from. What was it before Jharazad possessed it?
Conflict from the sky
  • Once the fighting stops, we talk with Stogan, a guard in House Lyrandar.
  • Examine the bodies, find that one of the dead assailants bears the mark of the Order of the Emerald Claw
  • We decide to head for the engine room first, to make sure that the bound Air Elemental doesn’t escape.
  • Getting close to the engine room, we hear the sounds of fighting, plus the engine is grinding and sounds awful.
  • We find 3 suspicious figures trying to get into the engine room. They call out that they’re trying to get in to help out, but we easily detect a lie. We plan and scheme to attack, but they see our intent and attack first!
  • Defeat the bad guys, then finish their job of blowing the door. It’s quite an explosion, blasting the door fully back into the main engineering chamber.
  • Inside, we find a half-elf named Stirlin with the Mark of Storms on his face. He’s very coarse, not exactly a standard half-elf.
Jharazhad/Post Jharazhad
What happens afterwards
  • Climbed across the massive treasure pile
  • Nel and Terminum stumble, grab a coin, and are forced to leave the room.
  • Finally cross the pile and find another room
  • Inside, music is playing, and we find a man sitting in a chair in front of the fire.
  • The man turns out to be Jharazad
  • He was cursed into the form of a man by The Chamber

Moradin’s followers turn away

  • Something great happened in ??? (Dwarf Holds)
  • Great temple to Moradin there
  • High ranking clerics actively stopped following Moradin, saying it was Moradin’s will
  • Jharazad says Luthar’s book and key do not seem related to Moradin

Crashed Airship

  • An airship crashes into the side of the mountain. It’s mostly undamaged, but the front is a smashed.
  • We rush in, finding that House Lyrandar retainers in a fight with unknown assailants.
  • We battle them in the dining room, quickly killing one of the assailants.
  • The other one takes a hostage and backs to a window. He pushes the hostage away and jumps out the window.
  • Terminum, unable to stomach the thought of an assailant escaping, he leaps out the window after him. Falling 20 feet, he manages to drop his feet directly on the escapee, killing him instantly as he crashes to the ground.
  • Terminum goes to investigate, and sees that there is fighting going on
Once more, with a guide
a little planning can go a long way in the jungle

Finding a Guide
Our last experience in the Jungles of Q’Barra taught us that a guide would be a worthwhile investment. So we asked around, and one guide in particular came highly recommended. We were advised that scamming travelers is a common practice in the area, and much to our surprise this scamming even included leading them into traps and leaving them in the wilderness to die. But the clients of the recommended guide were known to return, and because he seemed reputable we decided to seek him out. Before finding the guide, Terminum also purchased a compass and two books – Plants of Q’Barra and The Dangers of Q’Barra – which would surely come in handy.

The guide’s name was Grik and we found him in a working-class bar. His price was high, but he raised an eyebrow when we told him that we were looking for Jharazad. After we inquired about the dragon, Grik said that he had heard a few stories and while they were mostly hearsay, he did mention that he knew of a somewhat reputable source that might be able to provide more information. Luthar saw this interested the guide, so he attempted to persuade Grik that finding Jharazad would make him a legend and that it would greatly increase his business. Luthar asked him to help us track the dragon for free since we had something Jharazad would be interested in. Grik agreed to meet us halfway. The roundtrip would only cost 100 gold if we found Jharazad, including safepassage to the Stormhold Clan Holds and the time spent tracking the Dragon subsequent to that. But if our search was unsuccessful we would have to pay him 500 gold, barring any extenuating circumstances. He had us sign a contract to that effect. We spent the night in an inn before leaving and the foresighted Terminum began reading the books he had purchased.

Back into The Jungle
We left early in the morning. After tracking for half a day, Grik asked us to stay back for a second and shortly returned. He then asked if it would be ok to take a short detour. He had some clients in the area that he wanted to check on since he was unable to hear any noises in the direction of their camp. The crew agreed the detour would be okay. And we probably wouldn’t have known the difference either way.

Upon arriving to the camp we found a pile of dead orcs outside of a crude hut. Grik said that these orcs were his clients. They were here to gather dragon shards. There were basic supplies inside the hut, lots of strong orcish whiskey, and a large chest full of dragon shards of various sizes. Grik helped himself to a few small shards saying, “I guess they won’t be needing these anymore.” The rest of the crew each took a handful or two of the shards, and began to put them in the bag of holding, but it made a humming noise as the shards got closer. We decided it was best not to experiment with the magic, and only took shards that we could carry without becoming encumbered. In addition, Terminum took a football sized shard and put it in his pack. He also smelled a bottle of whiskey, and took it after inspecting its cleanliness.

After exiting the hut and taking a second look at the orcs, it was fairly clear that they had died of a wasting disease. Terminum put the bottle of orc whiskey down. They had also died recently, as only one of the corpses was showing signs of decomposition. Grik said such diseases were quite common in the area, and had the orcs been better prepared they would have been fine.

Nel and Luthar search the bodies for bitemarks or any other signs that could have could have caused the disease. Terminum kept his distance and didn’t like the idea of touching diseased corpses. They were unable to find exactly what caused the disease, but they were able to detect that one of the corpses seemed to still be warm, and was possibly even alive. Luthar determined that the orc was indeed alive, and Terminum the Vigilant suggested that we kill him immediately. Instead, Luthar foolishly attempted to heal the orc. He further ascertained that it would take some time to nurse the orc back to health, perhaps a day, and he felt it was his duty to to help this sentient being, a beast though it may be.

Terminum did not like the idea of camping around diseased corpses, so Luthar volunteered to stay with the dying orc while the rest of the crew distanced themselves slightly. During the night, Terminum and Nel buried the crate of dragon shards not to far from the camp because lazy Grik did not want to make a trip back to town. He and the others said that it would be a waste of time. Terminum then complained about wasting time to help some stupid orc, and said “I hope that orc dies anyway.” But Terminum does not really care if the orc lives or dies.

Onward to the Hold
In the morning Luthar felt that the orc would be okay, so we left him some food and water, then set out. The trip was fairly uneventful. We reached Stormhorn Clan Holds after nightfall and could see the city lights through the trees, but Grik suggested we wait until morning to enter the city so they would not take us for assailants.

Stormhorn Clan Hold
Upon entering the Hold in the morning, we found a crowd had gathered around a lizardfolk shouting draconic in the townsquare. Rhogar and Grik were able to interpret for us, and the speaker was proclaiming that they must take back what is rightfully thiers. Grik explained that they were just a bunch of rabble rousers known as The Faithful. He went on to say that the lizarfolk yelling about this was a recruiter. Their leader wanted to start attacking the outsider outposts, but they seemed to be all talk. It was clear that this group of lizardfolk were not contemptuous of humans and outsiders in general, but only held ill will against those who had allegedly stolen their land. We were not compelled to involve ourselves in the territorial dispute.

Grik met with some friends in several bars and houses while we shadowed him. He inquired about Jaharazad, and conjectured that most of the stories were hearsay. He did hear from a source that he thought might have actually seen the dragon, but he was pretty drunk. But Grik knew this lizardfolk well, and where he tended to wander while he was drunk. So we had a general direction to head which was better than nothing. We stayed the night.

Visiting the Hermit
The next day we treked toward the direction of the possible dragon sighting, and Grik knew of a hermit in the area so we went to his dwelling. Grik asked us to stay back, as the hermit naturally disliked visitors. Twenty minutes or so past while we waited. He came out and said that the hermit didn’t want to see us, but he did tell Grik that he had heard a giant winged beast on several occasions, and even thought he saw such a creature on a nearby mountain top.

The Climb to Jharazad
The climb up the mountain was difficult and perilous. We took quite a fall on one particularly strenuous slope, and had to camp a night to regain our energy. The next day Grik caught a scent of the flower that Jharazad was rumored to be particularly fond of, and he followed the scent. It lead further up the mountain, nearly to the peak, where we found a large cave. The fragrance of the flower emanated strongly from the entrance. Rhogar shouted loudly to announce our presence and intentions to the dragon. There was no answer and Rhogar shouted again. We ventured cautiously into the cave entrance, and from just inside we peered into the cavern once our eyes had adjusted. In the distance, we could faintly see flickering torches. We gather our courage and walked toward the lights. In the cave we found mountains of gold, and among them was a sign that read, “Jharazad is out. Please do not steal the treasure.”

— 500 xp for Terminum, Luthar and Nel for RP and problem solving. Terminum gets an extra 200 for quality blog post.

Through the Jungles
on the path to Jharazhad

—Everyone gets 500xp for the combat, skill challenge, and rp back in the city again.

Trip to Q'Barra

Passage By Ship

  • Sailed for 3 days from Korranberg to QBarra
  • Luthar spends the time crafting a small stone statue of Moradin. He also preaches to the crew about how they should think of Moradin when the ship weathers a storm.
  • At the end of the journey, Luthar gives his statue to the sailors for them to keep and think of Moradin.

To The Mountains

  • We speak to a gnome in New Throne about finding Jharazard, and he says to find the lizardfolk of the Stormhorn Clan Holds
  • Head out through the hot muggy jungle of QBarra, hacking our way through the foliage.
  • Rogar spots an ambush of lizardfolk and calls out that we are searching for Jharazad and the Stormhorn clan, but that seems to do nothing as the lizardfolk attack.

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