The Silent War

Entering the Keep
The shadow looms

They party heads over to the menacing and foreboding keep. They head down and take on some goblins, but were stopped short by some clever defenses. They defeat the goblins, but then retreat and regroup before continuing on. They find more goblins and a bugbear in the process of torturing the kobold which they captured and released. They defeat all of them except one goblin, and that kobold – which they debate on whether to release them.

Searching for Douven, probably other stuff too

pre game: I assume you’re going to look for the Douven Stahl, mentor to some, last seen looking for a dragon burial ground. After that, I dunno, it’s up to you!

post game: they did. they found him, and some treasure! They also brought Agrid the gnome and his band of cronies, defeated them, and then brought Agrid back to Lord Padraig for sentencing, because this party is all about JUSTICE.

Exterminating the kobold menace
They deserve only death

Hunted down the kobold lair! Ambushed some frolicking around outside by the waterfall! Chased them into their lair behind the falls and held your ground! Discovered the goblin Irontooth, who came extremely close to eviscerating some of you! But you managed to take him down, and discovered his treasure, and some suspicious messages hinting at a larger plot (dun dun dun).

The Beginning

Started Keep on the Shadowfell! Ambushed by kobolds! Went to winterhaven to investigate death cults and the disappearance of Douven Stahl! Donated equipment to the Regulars militia! Evangelized for Moradin! Left and were ambushed by kobolds again, those bastards! Add more detail here if you want!


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