The Silent War

Changes in Korranberg

Results of our Research

The mirror

  • Well known item: The Looking Glass of Jharazhad
  • From the posession of a dragon named Jharazhad
  • Jharazhad is living in The Endworld Mountains
  • Can be possibly used for transportation to other places, and even other planes
  • Could take it to House Orien, who do high-end teleportation stuff, and maybe they know more.

Luthar’s Book and Key

  • Not a famous item
  • Written in Abyssal script, and also partly in the Abyssal language, and most could not be translated
  • It specifically names Moradin and Onatar specifically
  • It names some sort of betrayal and schism between Moradin and Onatar.
  • It may be difficult to find anyone else who can translate more of the book. Perhaps try another learning institution, like Arcanix, the College of the Twelve, or several others.


Zurang Geldar, a famous magewright, was kidnapped and his workshop was burned. He was widely known for his elemental binding. A lot of people think that one or more Houses moved against him.

We head to the docks, and Vikas’s ship is gone! Perhaps he has something to do with Zurang’s disappearance.

Police believe that Zurang’s attacker has fled the country. Zurang was seen being carried out unconscious by a human who had tattoos on his arms. Best guess is that the Steel Song kidnapped him and sailed off.

Terminum tells the police that he used to know Vikas, and that he’s a pretty bad guy. He gives as much info as he can without delving too deep into their past relationship. His hope is that with more people involved in the pursuit, Vikas is more likely to be caught.

Several different leads to follow:

  • Ask other magewrights where they think he might have been taken.
  • Does elemental binding require special materials? Can we track them somehow?

Terminum comes clean to the rest of us that he has a history with Vikas. He and Vikas and some others each have a special tattoo. When they’re all together, it’s possible to learn the location of a specific treasure.


  • Perhaps we make a sketch of Terminum’s tattoo and circulate it into smuggler channels. We get the message out that we’ll trade the tattoo bearer for Zurang.

— Everyone gets 200 xp for role playing and wracking their brains for ideas, which I always love.

Hunting Dhakaani Ruins

— xp:

Evading the ants using guile and cleverness: 100 xp each

Fighting the Myconids: 160 xp each

Total: 260. Micah gets half for 130.

In Korranberg

Street of 100 Temples

  • Lots of temples (duh)
  • Several temple to The Deep Ones, evil gods
  • Luthar and Rogar decide that they will destroy these temples someday. Religious tolerance has limits…
  • Luthar finds a small shrine to Moradin, and is very surprised. He also finds that there is a book as part of the shrine’s artifacts, and he determines that he will read and copy the book.
  • Luthar also decides that he will build a larger shrine to Moradin, one to rival the other, larger shrines on the street.

The Steel Song

  • The Steel Song is a ship owned by Vikus, an adversary of Terminum.
  • We question the cargomaster about the ship and hiring it, but he says it’s impossible. They’re not taking contracts.
  • Going to a local bar, we manage to find members of the crew from the Steel Song. Luthar and Rogar buy one of them several drinks and learn that they’ve been in town for four months, but haven’t done anything. The captain disappeared, but they’re still getting paid so they don’t ask any questions.

The Goblin City

  • Deducing that Vikus is most likely interested in something at the College, we return to Zook and ask if he’s seen Vikus. He says no but he will ask.
  • However, Zook has a mission for us to explore an ancient goblin city and bring back any books from the library.

xp – everyone’s here, so 5 ways
Hobgoblin attack in Darguun
total: 914 xp
per person: 183

Into Zilargo
In which the party begins their trek to Korranberg
  • Guard at the border says to check out the Street of 100 Temples to see if there’s a temple to Moradin
  • Asher makes it a goal to get us into the Korranberg Chronicle, a newspaper of the continent of Khorvaire
  • We are attacked by a gnoll and some hyenas, but easily manage to defeat them.
  • We arrive in Korranberg after about a week of travel
  • We decide to stay at the Inn Between who is run by Dilborn
  • Go to the mapmaking shop run by Drexel, and we buy a nice map of Korranberg.
    • Terminum knocks over Drexel’s ink onto a half finished map, ruining it. Drexel yells at him to get out, as Luthar offers to pay for the destroyed map.
    • Drexel accuses them of running a protection racket, which touches on a sore spot for Rogar. Luthar tries to calm the situation down, but fails as Drexel throws out Rogar.
    • Luthar pays 40gp to Drexel to cover the cost of the map as well as the anguish of seeing his creation destroyed. Luthar understands that an artist’s shop is a sacred place, and to come in and damage it is a huge violation.
    • Rogar storms off and speaks to Fiernan, a town guard, about how to press charges against Drexel for false accusations.
    • Rogar then goes to speak to Garth, a competing mapmaker. His maps are inferior, however, but Rogar still wants to use him to destroy Drexel.
  • Go to the university, in order to meet with Nel’s professor and father, Zook. Nel tells all of us to be on our best behavior and not break things like in the map shop.

XP – Everyone was here, so divided 5 ways.
Gnoll and 6 hyenas
total: 950 xp
per person: 190 xp

After Kalarel
Defacing a temple
In the temple, post Kalarel
  • Destroy the statue
  • Destroy the altar
  • All our destruction takes several hours
  • Terminum practices his rope tricks while others destroy stuff
  • Luthar uses a chisel to carve the symbol of Moradin into the dais in front of the altar, along with “was here”

Outside the keep, everything looks less ominous. The sunlight is stronger and the sense of doom and gloom seems greatly diminished.

Back at Winterhaven
  • More guards on the walls, they say that undead have been attacking.
Go to meet with Lord Pedraeg.
  • We get 250gp and a Certificate of Completion

Luthar commissions a small shrine to Moradin in Lord Pedraeg’s house. He builds a small altar (basically, a large brick) and inscribes it with Moradin’s symbol. Pedraeg agrees to allow travelers to come and pray and give offerings.

Zombies attack in the night and we easily beat them back from the walls. We track their source back to a nearby graveyard. In the graveyard we are attacked by Ninarin, the traitorous elf from Winterhaven. She and some companions ask about Kalarel and we explain that he’s dead. They attack, but we manage to kill them all.

Message on Ninarin’s companion’s body, signed with a green claw symbol that we recognize as Order of the Emerald Claw. The message instructs Ninarin to find Kalarel and take him out.

We drag Ninarin’s body back to Winterhaven to expose her as a traitor. We get another

Quote: “We’re so much better at being evil than Kalarel.” – Andrew

xp: Vivec was missing from this game I believe, without a sheet, so he gets no xp. So, divided 4 ways.

Ninaran, emerald claw marshall, 2 knights, 3 troopers
total: 768 xp
per person: 192

Defeated Yothan, returned peace

— XP: At the end of last session, everyone leveled up to 3. Specific xp totals are from that point onward.

Everyone was at this session, so xp is divided 5 ways.

Cathedral of shadow: 5 vampire spawn, 2 berserkers, underpriest, dark creeper total: 975 xp per person: 195

The Shadow Rift: 3 skeleton warriors, wight, thing in portal, yothan total: 1350 xp per person: 270

Nel Joins the Fray
  • Meet a gnome named Nel who is here to study the keep. Nel joins up with the group.
  • We rest then head down to another room.
  • Go down a hallway and a portcullis drops, blocking the way. We smash through, taking a few minutes.
  • Reaching a new room, we find it empty except for a large table. Two doors exit. Luthar suggests that we move the table to block a door, then open the other.
  • As soon as we get near the table, the two doors fly open and hobgoblins stream in. Rogar is the only one who isn’t surprised, since he had a gut feeling that the portcullis was simply a delaying tactic.
  • In the warchief’s office, we find a drawing of Winterhaven with goblins attacking. We decide to keep it as evidence that yet again, we’ve saved Winterhaven’s ass.
  • Find a boarded up door with the word “Closed” scrawled across it.
A Bridge of Bodies
How many corpses are needed to bridge a 10x10 trap?
  • Head down the stairs through the dark room
  • Find the hallway blocked by a 10×10 glyph
  • Toss some corpses of our previous enemies onto the glyph
  • Pile up several corpses in order to make a bridge across the glyph
  • Release one of our prisoners, a kobold named Splug, and tell him that if he crosses the bridge then he will be free to go. Luthar tells him it’s a test from Moradin. His fate is in Moradin’s hands.
  • Splug stumbles when crossing the corpse bridge, and steps onto the rune. A piercing wail escapes and Splug flees in terror, back toward the party. Luthar tries to grab him but fails and he zips on past.
  • Meanwhile, from the darkness, we hear the deep moaning of zombies.
  • We race toward the moaning of the zombies and find a room with several of them. Ashur tosses in a freezing cloud, instantly destroying half of them. The others try to escape the cloud but most freeze and disintegrate before they make it.
  • Splug regains his composure, Luthar tells him that he has passed Moradin’s test and is free to go.
  • Rogar grabs a pick-axe and destroys the runes on the floor.
  • Rogar finds a secret door, and Marcus is able to unlock it. Inside, there is some faint moaning. Luthar feels along the wall and discovers that the back wall is illusory. Hoisting high his holy symbol, he and Rogar step through, prepared to confront the undead minions.
  • They come face to face with 4 zombies. Reacting instantly, Luthar calls on Moradin’s might and bathes the zombies in holy light. One explodes in a holy flame, and the other 3 are heavily burned.
  • In a quick cleanup, the remaining three zombies are dispatched as they try to regain their composure.

Sir Keegan the Skeletal Protector

  • Inside a crypt in a temple to the Silver Flame
  • Required proof that we are competent and willful enough to stop Kalarel
  • We each demonstrated a skill: knowledge, religion, diplomacy, and such.
  • Each party member convinces him that we will be able and willing to stop Kalarel.
  • He explained how he had gone mad and killed his comrades, wife, and child using his sword Aecris.
  • His men stopped him, drove him into the crypt, and imprisoned him.
  • We ask for any information he has regarding Kalarel
  • He offers us Aecris, the magic longsword. Inlaid with platinum and diamonds, with a carved hilt in the shape of a dragon.
  • Tells us to make sure to keep the statues we received from the Silver Flame
  • Luthar tells Keegan that his current state is unnatural and unholy. Once we defeat Kalarel, we will return and pray together and help you leave this undead state. Left unspoken is the threat that if he refuses to leave, we will destroy him to purge another undead monster.
Killing weird monsters
And taking their loot

Headed through some doors from the room with Balgron’s secret compartment, and found an undisturbed cistern. In the water there lived a blue slime, which attacked and was narrowly beaten back and killed. On a small island in the middle of the water they found various objects the slime had collected and deposited from different things it had killed, including a couple of written messages in a container.

The note said the following:
Remind Kalarel of how he got here. Make sure he understands his responsibilities.

(Stamped at the bottom w/ a greenish talon)

They then explored some more through another passage, and found a small lair of Kruthiks, lizard like reptiles with slashing sharp claws and chitinous armor. They fought amidst a small carvern full of kruthik tunnels and hidden pit traps, but managed to defeat them and snag some more spoils.

Further dungeoneering

Interrogated the goblin prisoner about the rest of the dungeon, learned about the leader, Balgron, and where he was. Ran in to try to kill him, wiped out the goblins guarding his room, but he escaped through a secret passage. Searched for him, found the ‘treasure pit’ and bluffed the goblins there into not suspecting you, then divided and killed them. Explored into the dark caverns with the rats, found Balgron’s secret hiding spot. Interrogated him, found that he was just a mercenary for Kalarel, though unrepentant. Then executed him – before being jumped by an ochre jelly, which they fought off.


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