• 14 STR
  • 13 CON
  • 18 DEX
  • 10 INT
  • 15 WIS
  • 10 CHA

    MAX HP: 40

  • 20 AC
  • 14 FORT
  • 13 REF
  • 14 WILL

  • Longbow: Attack +9, Damage +1
  • Sword: Attack +8

    Daily: Split the Tree – Highest of 2 rolls, DEX vs AC, HIT: 2W + DEX
    Encounter: Two Fang Strike – 2 rolls, DEX vs AC, HIT: 1W + DEX per attack, + WIS if both hit
    Encounter: Thunder Tusk Boar Strike – 2 rolls, DEX vs AC, HIT: 1W + DEX per attack and push target 1 square, HIT x2: Push target 1 + WIS
    Regular: Twin Strike – 2 rolls, DEX vs AC, HIT: 1W per attack

Terminum has been scouring the continent of Khorvaire for some years now, as if searching for something. He is not native to this land, though; the accent suggests he is Sarlonan. On his account, Terminum is a traveler seeking the fortunes offered by this region and the relative peace which it has espoused. Oppression by the Empire of Riedra in his homeland had become too great for him to bear.

Seeking a more efficient approach to gathering wealth, Terminum has joined a small band of adventures. He considers them a means to an end, although he thinks quite highly of them (for the most part). To him they are equals in mind and skill, even though their ways often seem so foreign to him. Despite the respect he has for his companions, he has not been completely honest with them – nor with anyone in this land for that matter. His real name is not even Terminum.

Unbeknownst to his companions, Terminum was actually a sailor for much of his life and has spent nearly 20 years at sea (which may explain the well-weathered skin that makes him look a few years older than he claims). Other than a worn face, however, Terminum does not look like much of a sailor. He is far from being a ruffian in appearance or mannerisms, and is actually extraordinarily civilized (by his own standards, at least). He does have a few scars on his body and a tattoo on either of his upper-forearms, which he always keeps covered. Symbols of a naive adolescence he calls them. Terminum is also notably conservative with money, much like a shrewd merchant with a tight fist on his coin.

But his actions are largely driven by a desire greater than wealth. Terminum seeks to manifest his joss (a possible translation here may be the word fate, or even karma). This is the closest thing to a deity that Terminum embraces, which could be described as a god, a devil, luck, and fate all rolled into one.


The Silent War Terminum