solving the mysteries of the universe


Nel was born and raised in {large Zilargo City}, the only child of one of the most prominent wizards at {largest and most elite magical university in Zilargo}. It was of course a foregone conclusion that she would eventually matriculate there and follow her father into one of the arcane professions. She was always keenly aware of her father’s extremely high standards, and worked constantly to earn his approval. However, as is so often the case in these circumstances, she always seemed to fall short: whatever score she got on a test, her father wanted a few points higher; however quickly she learned some new spell or incantation, her father expected it sooner.

Making matters worse was the arrival of a new student to the university, {John}. {John} had the infuriating ability to always be just a little bit better than Nel at everything. Whereas previously her father was comparing her to his abstract concept of what she should be, now he had a concrete example, a dynamic benchmark that he felt she should be able to reach but which she never quite could, though she worked herself to exhaustion trying. Perhaps most infuriating of all was the fact that, while by all rights she should have hated {John}, she actually didn’t…quite the opposite, actually. He was handsome and sophisticated and confident, and try as she might, she could not get him out of her head.

As her father’s star pupil, {John} was always being sent on field assignments to collect or study some magical artifact or another. Nel was of course always trying to get sent on such assignments herself, only to be told that {John} would take care of it. Realizing that she would have to take matters into her own hands, she began spending every waking minute in the library, researching older and less-well-known magical phenomena, hoping to find something interesting that she could convince her father to let her look into. Finally she found it, in the form of ancient magical rift which had been kept sealed for {centuries?}. Prior to the most recent war, the University had sent students or faculty to do routine checks and studies on the rift…make sure it was still sealed, analyze any changes that might have occurred, collect any information they could to help them understand it better. But during the war, the University’s attentions shifted to developing new defensive and offensive techniques, and its research into arcane phenomena was put on hold. Apparently, after the war ended, these old projects were buried in the academic libraries and all but forgotten.

She chose a time when she knew {John} was away on one of his longer field assignments, and brought her research before her father. Using all her (limited) skills in diplomacy, and with a few words of support from her mother, she finally convinced her father to let her go check into the rift, as it was sure to be a quick and straight-forward assignment. Little did Nel know the dangers that awaited her…


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