Meat Shield


Hp 50, Bloodied 25, Surge 12, Surge per day 13 AC 22, Fort 17, Ref 18, Will 18

Mark Damage 7

Attacks at Will: Enfeebling Strike, Virtuous Strike Both at +11 vs AC Enfeebling: -2 ac and attacks, Virtuous: gain +2 to saving throw Both 1d8+5 dmg

Encounter Attacks: Valorous Smite +11 vs AC, Hit Each enemy in 3 squares marked, dmg 2d8+5 Call to Arms- Burst 5 Cha vs Will+7 Hit, pull enemy to adjacent square do attack +13 vs AC Hit 2d8+5 Burning Spray- Blast 3, +7 vs reflex, Hit 1d8+4

Daily Power Holy Weapon- Until End of encounter +1 to attack and +1d6 dmg makes dmg radiant Radiant Delirium – Ranged 5, +7 vs reflex hit 3d8+4 target dazed till end of next turn, -2 ac save ends

Lay on Hands 3/day


Rhogar was an orphan in a big city. He met Marcus when he was very young and together they got by stealing and scrounging. As they got older they joined up with a local thieves guild. During a job for the guild Rhogar and Marcus stumbled across some magical creatures of the wood being tormented. They came to the rescue of the creatures, and in thanks the spirit of the wood blessed Rhogar’s friend Marcus. Rhogar took this as a sign to turn over a new leaf, and he is trying hard to do good wherever he goes. He is fearless, and willing to risk his life for his friends on a daily basis.


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