The Silent War

Trip to Q'Barra

Passage By Ship

  • Sailed for 3 days from Korranberg to QBarra
  • Luthar spends the time crafting a small stone statue of Moradin. He also preaches to the crew about how they should think of Moradin when the ship weathers a storm.
  • At the end of the journey, Luthar gives his statue to the sailors for them to keep and think of Moradin.

To The Mountains

  • We speak to a gnome in New Throne about finding Jharazard, and he says to find the lizardfolk of the Stormhorn Clan Holds
  • Head out through the hot muggy jungle of QBarra, hacking our way through the foliage.
  • Rogar spots an ambush of lizardfolk and calls out that we are searching for Jharazad and the Stormhorn clan, but that seems to do nothing as the lizardfolk attack.



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