The Silent War

Lyrandar Takeover

  • An announcement comes over the intercom: “We are departing to Shaylis Tyraleth. If you do not wish to go, please disembark.”
  • We run to the bridge, only to discover that the hatch is locked. Several Lyrandar guardsmen, including Stogan are outside, cutting their way in.
  • Luthar and Terminum head to the roof above the bridge. They tie ropes and swing down, smashing into the bridge. Terminum is quite graceful, while Luthar just smashes through like a ton of bricks. Terminum gracefully lands on his feet, while Luthar hits and falls.
  • Reacting faster than everyone else, Terminum sprints to the hatch, unlocks it, and begins spinning it open.
  • We defeat all the villains, rescuing the bridge.
  • One of the dead villains has the mark of storms on his face, but none of the house members recognize him.
  • Luthar gets on the intercom and says, “Disregard the previous announcement. This ship will not be heading to Shaylis Tyraleth. Instead we will be continuing to our previous destination.”
  • Rogar reveals the mirror to Jharazad, asking about his brother.
  • Among other things, Rogar asks where the mirror came from. What was it before Jharazad possessed it?



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