The Silent War

Jharazhad/Post Jharazhad

What happens afterwards

  • Climbed across the massive treasure pile
  • Nel and Terminum stumble, grab a coin, and are forced to leave the room.
  • Finally cross the pile and find another room
  • Inside, music is playing, and we find a man sitting in a chair in front of the fire.
  • The man turns out to be Jharazad
  • He was cursed into the form of a man by The Chamber

Moradin’s followers turn away

  • Something great happened in ??? (Dwarf Holds)
  • Great temple to Moradin there
  • High ranking clerics actively stopped following Moradin, saying it was Moradin’s will
  • Jharazad says Luthar’s book and key do not seem related to Moradin

Crashed Airship

  • An airship crashes into the side of the mountain. It’s mostly undamaged, but the front is a smashed.
  • We rush in, finding that House Lyrandar retainers in a fight with unknown assailants.
  • We battle them in the dining room, quickly killing one of the assailants.
  • The other one takes a hostage and backs to a window. He pushes the hostage away and jumps out the window.
  • Terminum, unable to stomach the thought of an assailant escaping, he leaps out the window after him. Falling 20 feet, he manages to drop his feet directly on the escapee, killing him instantly as he crashes to the ground.
  • Terminum goes to investigate, and sees that there is fighting going on



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