The Silent War

Conflict from the sky

  • Once the fighting stops, we talk with Stogan, a guard in House Lyrandar.
  • Examine the bodies, find that one of the dead assailants bears the mark of the Order of the Emerald Claw
  • We decide to head for the engine room first, to make sure that the bound Air Elemental doesn’t escape.
  • Getting close to the engine room, we hear the sounds of fighting, plus the engine is grinding and sounds awful.
  • We find 3 suspicious figures trying to get into the engine room. They call out that they’re trying to get in to help out, but we easily detect a lie. We plan and scheme to attack, but they see our intent and attack first!
  • Defeat the bad guys, then finish their job of blowing the door. It’s quite an explosion, blasting the door fully back into the main engineering chamber.
  • Inside, we find a half-elf named Stirlin with the Mark of Storms on his face. He’s very coarse, not exactly a standard half-elf.



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